Visitor Golf

We would be grateful if all Members and Visitors would embrace golf etiquette and our expectations.

On the course...

All equipment and clothing worn on the course must be designed for playing golf.

Golf shirts / polo tops

  • All must either have a collar, roll neck or crew neck design.
  • All shirts, both men and ladies, must always be tucked inside the waistband unless specifically designed to be worn outside.


  • Only tailored trousers, shorts, skirts or skirts may be worn.
  • No combat, cargo, denim, track suits, jogging suits or any variant of these can be worn.


  • Must always be worn: either knee length, ankle or trainer style.


  • Must be appropriate golf shoes with either metal, soft spikes or pimples soles.
  • Trainers can be worn on the practise areas for juniors and non-playing members having lessons.

In the Clubhouse...

Shirts/ tee shirts

  • Shirts, tee shirts (collared, roll or crew neck tops) are permitted but must be worn tucked inside the waistband unless specifically designed to be worn outside.
  • No football, rugby shirts, or tee shirts with no sleeves, or offensive pictures or print.

Trousers / shorts

  • Smart casual trousers including denim jeans with no rips may be worn. No combat, cargo, work wear, jogging suits, track suits or variants.
  • Tailored shorts can be worn up to 6pm in the dining room and at all times in the Spikes and Antlers bars.


  • Ideally, golf shoes are not generally encouraged. This is to help protect the flooring, but if a member/visitor does wear them they must be either soft spikes or pimpled sole golf shoes. They must be clean and dry. Golf shoes are not permitted in the dining room. Traditional shoes, boat or driving shoes are acceptable, also trainers as long as they are clean and look presentable. Open toed sandals may be worn by either sex.
  • No walking or wellington boots or any kind of beach footwear such as Flip Flops are permitted.

General Rules

  • A minimum requirement of smart clean casual dress is required in all areas of the clubhouse. No waterproofs, rain or overcoats or head wear are permitted.
  • The club provides changing rooms for members, guests and visitors to change clothes and shoes, we would appreciate these being used to change in rather than the car park.

Blackburn Golf Club reserves the right to refuse admission to both the course and clubhouse if, in the opinion of a board member or authorised employee, any individual acts or dresses in a manner which could cause offence to other members, guests, visitors or members of staff.

The dress code for special social events may, at times, require a more formal type of dress such as lounge suits, jacket and tie or dinner suits or allow football and rugby tops for sporting events. These will be clearly advertised with each event.

Hopefully, common sense will prevail in the implementing these rules and the members use of them. If it is clear someone is clearly in breach of the rules please make either a member of the Pro Shop aware (re course issues) or a member of the bar staff if in Clubhouse. Please don’t approach yourself.