Message from the Captain

It is with huge pride and great pleasure that I look forward to the 2018 season as Captain of Blackburn Golf Club.

I would like to thank Mel and Barbara for their representation during 2017, and can assure all members that myself and Lady Captain will make every effort to uphold the traditions of the golf club and represent you the members in the manner you would expect.

I have been a member at the club for some 16 years. Not that long in comparison to some of our members. During that time, I have witnessed both famine and feast as far as member numbers are concerned, however as golf clubs battle to survive I believe the current climate to be most competitive ever in the area of member recruitment.

It is true that we have around us some competition. Indeed, some notable and salubrious courses by reputation. Blackburn Golf Club in my humble opinion stands out amongst its neighbours and offers something that others may try to imitate but few succeed. In short, the membership. Blackburn Golf Club is a ‘Club’ in the truest sense of the word.

This unique combination of a well kept and testing golf course coupled with a hospitable and friendly bar is something we need to protect, nurture and expand upon. I would encourage all members to utilise the bar and dining rooms whenever possible. Come and experience some of the social functions and bring friends and family along too.

Clearly, we are members of the club to play and compete in the sport we all love, and it is vital we promote the open competitions, the professional and all aspects of the club. However, it is the atmosphere and general ambience that sets us apart and must be developed upon.

I’m told that some past Captains have wanted to leave something of a legacy, a memory of their year at the helm. For me that legacy will be to maintain an atmosphere of competitive golf and win wherever possible but not forgetting to enjoy it, and have a little craic on the way.

I wish you all well for the coming year, I will do everything possible to promote this wonderful golf club and all I ask is that you all do the same.

Rob Wyke

Message from the Lady Captain

Firstly, I would like to say it is an absolute privilege to be Blackburn Golf Club Lady Captain for 2018-2019.

When I was first approached, I really had to give some serious thought to what becoming the Lady Captain entailed, but after discussing it with Barbara and then Stephen, I decided it was the right time to accept the opportunity.

I first became interested in golf in 2005, when Stephen came home from the club with a letter inviting partners to take up a 6-month trial membership. As I was already a golfing widow, I thought if I can’t beat them I may as well join them and since then I have never looked back.

I believe Blackburn Golf Club has a very positive and friendly membership, also I have experienced a varied social scene which I have enjoyed immensely and hope to continue doing so. Over the years Stephen and I have made many good friends at the club.

I am also a big fan of mixed golf which has led to many enjoyable days here at Blackburn, also weekends and holidays away playing at new venues.

During the last year I have gained another daughter in law as my youngest son Gary has recently got married to Bekky. I have also become a grandma to my first granddaughter Hannah Rose thanks to my eldest son Lee and his wife Tracy.

I am really looking forward to working with the new Captain Rob and I am sure we will work together along with other members to the best of our abilities to carry our already great golf club forward through 2018. My fund raising for this year will be aimed at supporting further improvements within Blackburn Golf Club.

And finally, I would like to wish all members an enjoyable and successful golfing year.

Susan Fielding